Wine growers for generations

The winery has been in our family for almost 200 years.

Grandfather Josef Niedrist practiced great efficiency when producing and selling wines. In the early 1920s however, both political circumstances and the operational arrangements of our farm changed abruptly. Alto Adige had become part of Italy as a result of the Treaty of Versailles (1919) and Grandfather died young in 1922. His wife Antonia managed to keep the farm alive during the troublesome years between the wars; she was forced to stop on-site wine production.

More than 30 vintages

In 1989 Ignaz and Elisabeth Niedrist resumed wine production on the farm. Their takeover meant a renaissance for the winery: several vineyards were added to the core operation expanding the repertoire significantly.

Through sustainable cultivation, sophisticated craftsmanship and persistent striving for quality, they have managed to successfully lead the winery into the future.

“A family winery has its own cycles. We develop what generations before us created, while making way for future generations to leave their own imprint.”

Moving forward

The moment has come for the next generation:  Maria and Johannes share their parents’ passion for viticulture and are excited to follow in their footsteps.
Together they will tackle future challenges by combining their skills and strengths.


“Where multiple generations and strong personalities work together, discussions will arise. This creates a space to exchange views, learn from one another and move forward with new solutions.”