in Girlan, Alto Adige.

In this village along the Alto Adige Wine Road, the life of the Niedrist family has revolved around wine ever since.  

A good wine speaks to its origin. It is important to us that the connection to its roots is tangible.

Working with nature

Close observation and repeated evaluation of location, microclimate and grape variety are our guiding principles in our day-to-day work. Continuously engaging with nature is our path to creating wines with character. To this end craftsmanship is essential.

We strive daily to unite the knowledge of our ancestors with an evolving understanding of modern-day agriculture.

Down to earth

Great wines are created in outstanding locations. We accompany our vines all throughout the year – during the summer heat and through snowy winters.

That is how we understand and appreciate the value of our vineyards. 


The emergence of the Alps gave rise to a vast range of  soils in Alto Adige. Our climate is marked by an alternating of alpine, continental and mediterranean weather. As a result, our region is home to a great number of grape varieties – from Pinot to Sauvignon Blanc, from Vernatsch to Lagrein.

Diversity is precious. We want to make it noticed through our wines.